It's not often that the sun decides to pay us a visit, so when it does you take full advantage. With Sage and the brother-in-law working in the basement, Parker and I put on our cozy gear and headed out for a little adventure. Okay, it really wasn't that urban, but you must admit Parker is looking pretty urban in these pictures. 

The day's adventure took place at Cowen Park, a few minutes walk from our house. While Parker was more interested in playing with sticks and stomping in the mud, I was able to lure him to my favorite part of the park; the graffiti wall. I just love how the wall adds so much character and color. And of course, it provides an interesting background to photograph my favorite little urban baby.




When I think about you leaving us, my heart hurts. But, I am also happy. Not happy just because I knew you, but also because you helped to shape the person I have become and the mother I am to Parker. To me you were perfect. Loving, patient, free-spirited, hilarious and most of all, selfless. Yes, you were perfect.

I love you, Aunt Jeannette. You are in my heart forever.....



Just thinking about motherhood…..

The last few weeks been frustrating and difficult to say the least, and I realized as I was just about to get extremely frustrated, that my life is no longer my own. I can no longer do what I want, when I want to do it. I am now on Parker time and that means accepting the fact that things will never be as clean as I want them to be, I will start something only to have to stop it a few minutes later and then restart it hours, or even days, after. I have to learn to live slowly. To realize that I am actually accomplishing something, even though the results may not be immediate. Yes, being a mother is a COMPLETE surrender, and this is something I have to remind myself of every day.  I surrender…..