Last week I had my eyes checked and decided it was about time that I purchase myself some cute glasses. After browsing Costco (yes, I know, not really the mecca of cute eyewear) and not finding much, I decided to try my luck online.  I came upon this site called BonLook and found that they not only had cute, inexpensive glasses, but that you could virtually try them on. Of course, I tried a few pairs on myself, but then couldn't resist trying a few pairs on Mr. Cute Face. I must say, he looks quite sophisticated, don't you think? And not a pair looks bad on him. I wish I could say the same for myself...I choose the last pair and am curious to see how they look in real life.



And not just because it is June and cold and REALLY raining here in Seattle... It's because California is just plain awesome. I love you, California...

Sage and his parents - 1980

My boys and me



So I have been really bad at posting lately, but trust me, I have been really good at keeping up with my Pinterest recipes of the week. I suppose I tried this one almost a month ago now, and it was more inspired by this pin on Pinterest than actually following the recipe. In fact, I ended up using the strawberry shortcake recipe on the back of the Bisquick box and baked the biscuits right in the mason jars. I guess that is kinda cheating, but oh well. I love the idea of putting desserts in small jars, and since I really like to entertain I thought I would test this out before hosting our next party. I have to say, the results were pretty yummy and looked cute too.