Lately I have been feeling like I cook the same things over and over again. Tacos, chili, grilled cheese, tacos, chili, grilled cheese…. Okay, we really don’t just eat those three things, but you know what I mean. Sometimes you get in a rut and it’s hard to think of anything clever to cook for those hungry folks in your life. It’s kind of a drag. So, in an effort to be more creative in the kitchen and try new things, I am combining two of my loves. That would be my love of Pinterest and my love of eating (notice how I didn’t say cooking, although I do like to cook).  Each week I will (try to) choose a recipe from Pinterest and test it out in my kitchen. Brilliant, right?

Since we were having a brunch for some friends last Saturday, I decided to start my Pinterest challenge with something I could make quickly and somewhat ahead of time. I decided these egg cups were perfect. I have to admit I didn’t follow the recipe exactly…which I think is just fine.  I scrambled my eggs and lined only the bottom of the cupcake tin with bread cut from a skinny French loaf. I then topped them off with white cheddar, salt, pepper and fresh rosemary that I had in my fridge. While they didn’t look quite at cute as Ms. Martha Stewart’s egg cups, I was pretty happy with the way they turned out. Quick, simple, easy and delicious….just my kind of recipe!



Being from Southern California, one of the things I miss the most (beside my friends and family, of course) is the beach.  People here in Seattle will claim they have beaches, but none compare in my opinion. There is one place, however, that comes close, and that is Golden Gardens.  Since the weather was nice, and Parker had a special visitor in town, I decided it was the perfect time to take venture out. Of course, as expected Parker ran right toward the water… I am pretty sure he is meant to live by the beach (in Southern California), but for now we will have to make do with what we have here in Seattle.



Up to this point on my blog I have not posted much about Bill (that’s what we’ll call him) and I don’t really intend to, because, let’s face it, this space is really about Parker… But for those of you who don’t know him, here are a few bits of awesomeness about Bill:  1) He plays roller derby 2) He LOVES listening to Lady Gaga and Beyonce (awesome for me, not so awesome for Sage I imagine) 3) He sings REALLY loud. With his head phones on. To Lady Gaga and Beyonce (one word - hilarious) 4) He teaches Spanish 5) He does dishes.  Now, I love Sage, but he once told me he was allergic to doing dishes, so having someone else in the house who will willingly pitch in with after meal clean-up is pretty awesome.

Now here is the not so awesome fact about him. Since August, Bill has been making his home on our living room floor. That is a very long time. Too long in fact to have a hamper full of tighty-whiteys (or pink tighties) sitting in your living room.  And while this situation has not been awesome for any of us, I do feel as though Bill has been a pretty good living room guest. 
The good news… a couple weeks ago another bit of awesomeness was added to Bill’s list: 6) He now resides down in the basement.  In his own room.  Where he belongs...  Pictures to come soon!

Goodbye hamper. You will not be missed.



This is what happens when Granny is in charge...

The feet go up on the dinner table.

Granny let's him get away with anything.


As the heavy duty work on the basement is coming to a close (hooray!), I thought I'd share my concept board for the bathroom. Since we would eventually like to turn this place into a rental, my thought is it is always best to stick with classic colors and materials that will never be dated. Of course, I still want the space to feel unique, so adding elements that are slightly different, such as penny tiles and dark grout, an interesting light fixture and artwork, will be necessary. Oh yes, and it will mostly be used by the brother-in-law, so I didn’t want anything that would feel too feminine.

Here’s our progress so far… grout and tiling complete, but still in need of caulk and of course the plumbing (toilet, shower fixtures, sink… minor details).


And here’s the concept board…