While most people might have referred to him as a toddler months ago, it wasn't until this week that it became a reality to me. It seems that over the course of just one week, my little chubba went from a baby, to this...

a toddler...

This week we he said "no" to me for the first time. And while it wasn't an angry "no,"(it was very a frequent "nope...nope....nope"), it made me realize that we are entering a new phase, one that involves discipling, tantrums,  opinions, oh no... And I was just starting to get used to where we were at... Doesn't that always happen in mamahood?

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  1. He is too cute....and Parker talking will be even more fun Allise! Find a way to record. And no matter what anyone says...he definitely looks like you! Such a precious little guy!