As the heavy duty work on the basement is coming to a close (hooray!), I thought I'd share my concept board for the bathroom. Since we would eventually like to turn this place into a rental, my thought is it is always best to stick with classic colors and materials that will never be dated. Of course, I still want the space to feel unique, so adding elements that are slightly different, such as penny tiles and dark grout, an interesting light fixture and artwork, will be necessary. Oh yes, and it will mostly be used by the brother-in-law, so I didn’t want anything that would feel too feminine.

Here’s our progress so far… grout and tiling complete, but still in need of caulk and of course the plumbing (toilet, shower fixtures, sink… minor details).


And here’s the concept board…

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  1. Love it - I so have to come up when it is finished to viist!