Up to this point on my blog I have not posted much about Bill (that’s what we’ll call him) and I don’t really intend to, because, let’s face it, this space is really about Parker… But for those of you who don’t know him, here are a few bits of awesomeness about Bill:  1) He plays roller derby 2) He LOVES listening to Lady Gaga and Beyonce (awesome for me, not so awesome for Sage I imagine) 3) He sings REALLY loud. With his head phones on. To Lady Gaga and Beyonce (one word - hilarious) 4) He teaches Spanish 5) He does dishes.  Now, I love Sage, but he once told me he was allergic to doing dishes, so having someone else in the house who will willingly pitch in with after meal clean-up is pretty awesome.

Now here is the not so awesome fact about him. Since August, Bill has been making his home on our living room floor. That is a very long time. Too long in fact to have a hamper full of tighty-whiteys (or pink tighties) sitting in your living room.  And while this situation has not been awesome for any of us, I do feel as though Bill has been a pretty good living room guest. 
The good news… a couple weeks ago another bit of awesomeness was added to Bill’s list: 6) He now resides down in the basement.  In his own room.  Where he belongs...  Pictures to come soon!

Goodbye hamper. You will not be missed.

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